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Temecula Window Tinting Laws

A few years back my younger brother graduated from high school. His gift? A new, all black, Hyundai with tinted windows and moon-roof. The car was beautiful, sleek and luxurious, with only a handful of previously owned miles on it. In my own envious state (I had a white car at the time and had been itching to get my hands on a black one), I watched, anxious for the moment that I could get behind the wheel and give the car a whirl. I didn’t need to wait long, however, that very night I found myself dropping my brother off at his grad-nite in his new car, and as we flew down the highway, with the nearly blacked out windows rolled up and the music going it felt like we were in nothing short of a rave.

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 4.45.39 PMUnfortunately, the excitement over his new car was short lived. He received his first ticket only a short two weeks after the car was gifted to him, and a second ticket shortly after. The citation? Not for speeding, running stop signs, or parking illegally, no his tickets came from a very simple, unsuspecting law: his windows were too dark. Having bought his car from a dealership in Temecula, my mom and dad were shocked to find that they would sell a car with windows tinted too dark, leaving them footing the bill for the ticket. Living in southern California, it’s somewhat surprising to find that the Temecula window tinting laws are as strict as they happen to be. With a hot sun that often causes damage to not only the car’s interior but to the person’s skin, it’s unfortunate that windows follow such stringent rules.

However, stringent or not, the law is the law, and perhaps, by following these tips of the Temecula window tinting laws, you won’t find yourself in the same position as my own family. Continue Reading